Wednesday, April 18, 2012

THE paper challenge

I welcome most challenges, altho sometimes I find myself subconsiously sabatoging myself.. what the what???   yea that stinks.. sometimes they make me do better, sometimes they make me sluff off... this one is confusing even me -HA!  I am not sure how to feel about it...

Saturday night while wasting time between dinner & movie we cruised the aisles of  an out of town Walmart.  After hitting the sporting goods (camping & hunting) sections we were headed out & I mentioned looking for the Scrapbooking section.  No idea why, I am usually just bummed at their piddly selection compared to the scrapbook specialty stores I prefer to shop-OUCH I just sounded like a snob... sorry.  ANYYYYYYYYYYY WAYYYYYYYYYYYY to which request he says, " I bet you have enough scrapbooking supplies to last you all summer w/o needing to buy anything." GULP. OUCH. WOW. I could feel my head spin, which wasn't an insult or untrue fact, & he says things like this all the time b/c after all, I do have an entire (tiny) bedroom filled w/scrapbooking supplies.. So I quickly replied w/something about adhesive, albums & sleeves to put said pages in & he agreed. A few aisles later he laid out the challenge:  I bet you could scrap all summer long w/o buying any paper. *sigh* oh how he was right.  So I accepted said challenge.

 After all, I  do have:
*2" album box of JUST camping/boating paper
*a medium pizza box of JUST Christmas/winter paper
*a square creative memories shipping box(I guess 12" square, or maybe 12x12x18 even) set up like a file box of bags(baggies/page protectors) of paper sorted by theme/color scheme
*5" clear plastic divided 12x12 paper 'caddy' sorted by theme
*priority flat rate shipping box (5"?) cut like a magazine 'rack'

& that is just the 12x12 paper... I do have a few sheets hit & miss that are old 10x12 or 8.5x11....

So, as I finish off a kit, pack or section of paper, I will be reporting in here to keep myself honest & I will NOT buy any Scrapbook paper now matter how much I NEED it until after Labor Day!

is there a challenge you need to issue yourself? or need help staying accountable about an on-going challenge?
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