Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Frugal Tip Tuesday-couponing w/sales

bargain shopping report for this week:

  1. we do as much as possible of our grocery shopping once a week, sometime over the weekend.
  2. we combine childcare & home groceries at the time of purchase, divide them when we get home between the 2 kitchens.
  3. we are getting back into couponing & stocking up by stacking sales+coupons.
  4. our coupon percentage is going up the more I learn.
  5. I am taking a break from making our dishwasher & laundry detergents.
this week we got:
36 items but I will only list the sale/coupon ones to try to keep it from being too boring ;)

  1. cascade d/w pacs 5.99 on sale - .75 p&g coupon--for childcare
  2. bounty select a size paper towels 2.19-.25 coupon--for childcare
  3. bounty regular paper towel .99-.25 coupon --for home
  4. 4 varieties of chex cereal - 2.25 each on sale-2.25 Fareway coupon-$4 HyVee coupon-2x1.10 manufacture coupons making them .14 EACH :D best score!--for chex mix, puppy chow, trail mixes for both home & childcare
  5. 2-12 oz fastco cottage cheese on sale 1.28--for childcare
  6. 3 Mrs Grimes Chili beans on sale .58 each--for home
  7. Durracell batteries 3.59+.75 coupon--for home
  8. 4 meat counter boneless skinless chicken breasts 1.79/# --2 for each kitchen
  9. 2 purina dog treats 3.28+3.39 -$1 coupon--for home
  10. betty crocker 10# potatoes on sale 1.99--for both kitchens
  11. 2 pillsbury brownie mixes on sale 1.67--for home
I hope to snap a couple of photos next week to keep the entries interesting.
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