Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WITL a day's report

Remember this project? I have not been very consistant about following along but here's  a sample of a page for our Friday.  Recycling day, my coffee on my keyboard, our field trip to HyVee, visit to the chiro, grocery shopping @ Fareway, picking up Sammy's prednisone from the vet, our drive thru supper on the way to the lake, our home away from home campground, sunset on the lake & me @ the end of the crazy day.

some days the past week I've been really good, others not so much, today, not at all! super crazy this time.  I willhave to get ink & photo paper to print them this weekend & work on them next week. I just might jump around & do pages for the days I did well on. :)
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