Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Frugal Tuesday

Another thing checked off my 'learn how to' list!  My grandma & I froze 9dozen ears of corn on Saturday.  For no more work that there is to it I was exhausted that night & sore the next day!   Pretty excited to have those 10 -2cup bags of corn in the freezer tho!

To start out, Grandpa & I shucked the corn while Grandma was getting the pans & bowls gathered up.  This is our first bowl of shucked corn. 
 Grandma blanched it & dipped it in ice water then I went to work cutting it off the cob.  I finally got to use my new pampered chef tool just for this job :) I love a good tool & this one ROCKED!!! Here I am figuring out a rhythm to the job.
 This is the first pot of corn, probably pretty close to 4 dozen ears in here. Amazing how little corn there actually was!
While it simmered on the stove in butter & water, we ate lunch. (sorry no photos of that as the battery on the camera was acting up & I was lucky to get what I got) Lunch at their house is always better than home! Fresh tomatoes, onions & cucumbers, leftover sloppy joes & corn of course :) YUUUMMMMMMMM!!

Here's Grandma @ the stove w/our second batch of corn.  By batch I mean second bag of 5 dozen ears.  We did keep a dozen on ears to eat this week but looks like we got the same amount of corn in the pans.     We ended up w/about 36 cups of corn bagged, labled & in the freezer! YAY! That will taste amazing in December!

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