Friday, April 22, 2011


IS everything a matter of perception? AS IN, if we believe someone to be well meaning in their chatter, are they repeating what they are as a way of helping or hurting?  IF someone hearing them talk thinks they are just gossiping, are they?  IF someone looks us square in the eyes, swears on the Bible that what they are telling us is the truth, is it?  IF someone else believes what they said to be false, is it?  IF someone practices yoga as a simple way to relax, is that all they are doing? IF someone else believes that yoga is something entirely different, is it? 

Sometimes I don't like Facebook because we all are entitled to our opinions & beliefs as well as are entitled to put them out there whenever we feel the need or urge and some people take that to extreme.  I have days, like today, where I am afraid to post anything for fear of being knocked down, argued w/, or otherwise proven wrong.  Twice lately, I have posted different things only to feel challenged-for lack of a better word- in my beliefs by someone I respected. But these challenges are threatening my respect for them as I feel they are implying that their views are the ONLY views to have & therefore I am wrong in all of my thinking & doing.  *sigh* I hate to dwell on the negative, I try to be cheerful & uplifting, I like to be a positive element in as many situations as possible, this recent situation, however, has me doubting myself & I hate that.  I work w/children all day that are emotionally & verbally beaten down to think that their way of thinking is wrong, dumb & rediculous & therefore many times they are afraid to make a simple decision that they may be disciplined or judged for.  Today, I feel that way. 

This is a lot to put out there, however, I doubt the offender takes the time to read my little blog so I feel safe putting it in blogland for my few followers to read :) AND THANK YOU FOR READING & FOLLOWING!!  Sometimes just typing it, getting it off my chest, also gets it off my mind & heart.  I am hoping so today. 

Please know I am not looking for sympathy, praise or support today, just sayin' :) thanks for letting me vent!! 
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