Sunday, January 9, 2011


today I am hopeful for a productive Sunday.  Taking cues from the Frugal Trenches I am posting my list for today's hopes (& dreams) of productivity here for some accountability:
  • clean the upstairs kitchen (wipe counters/stove/oven door/fridge/dishwasher/sink, sweep & mop floor)
  • put away clean & sort the dirty laundry- even started a load in the washer have one put away! 
  • wash bedding
  • carry down the ornament tote from the living room to the cubby
  • pack & store the tree
  • put pork tenderloin in the crockpot for supper
  • read some in my book club book
  • scrap
  • vac living, dining & hallway carpets
  • do 2 miles on the tread mill
  • water plants
  • upload 20:11 & last night's pictures
  • make rolls for supper mixing in the breadmachine raising on the stove
  • bake chocolate pound cake + mix pudding for topping for supper
  • toss the ball for Sammy-outside for 20 minutes  twice now
  • 5 minute wipe upstairs bathroom
ok, now nothings getting done sitting here adding more to the list ;)
What do you plan to do today or this week?
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