Friday, November 5, 2010


I am ready for this weekend. or rather, ready for it to be over. 
  • Sunday is my last race for twenty-ten.
  • I have only run/ran 2x since the last race 2 weeks ago. YIKES.
  •  its going to have hills. hills that put me out of breath when we walk them! double YIKES. 
  • I haven't put the new podcast on the mp3 player yet. I need to not forget it. again.
  • I have a very unwelcomed visitor. I knew it would be too good to be true to run every race minus it but I was 3 for 3.  it will be another lesson learned & something else to chalk up in experience. I suppose. 
  • I am giddy that the forecast is mid to high 60s & clear tho. its been 50s & WINDY here all week so this looks muuuuucch better!
  • I did invest in a pair of running capri cut pants to wear under my shorts & am only wearing ONE shirt & I think it will be short sleeved. 
  • I couldn't get Tim to pick up my race packet today so I have to do it on Sunday right before the race. THAT makes me nervous. I like to be over prepared. 
  • Leave it alone Kim :) what will be will be. 
the rest of the weekend looks pretty busy yet uneventful-tonight Wine Walk w/my mom, tomorrow childcare training all day.

how's your weekend look? Hope you have a good one!!!
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