Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fairgrounds 5k

Today was my last race for twenty-ten.  The Fairgrounds 5k. I was worried b/c I had only run/ran 2x since the last race 2 weeks ago. YIKES. Ended up being No problem! OH yea & the fact that there were hills. hills that put me out of breath when we walk them! double YIKES. Again, No problem :)  well, ok so I walked the big one & thru the campgrounds but they didn't kill me. I did remember to put the new podcast on the mp3 player yet. It was Awesome! kept me going thru the whole first mile, then start the hill, then chicken out on the hill, then pick it back up on the down hill side.  My very unwelcomed visitor was almost gone. It was an absolutely gorgeous day!!  Its been 50s & WINDY here all week so this 70 was muuuuucch better! I am so glad I did invest in a pair of running capri cut pants to wear under my shorts I love them! & only wearing ONE short sleeved shirt was awesome!  Since I couldn't get Tim to pick up my race packet early, I had to do it right before the race. THAT made me nervous, but I was there right after they set up 'shop' so getting it & organized was a breeze! YAY.  I hung out near the only bathroom, near the start line, across from the registration building 1/2 generally people watching & 1/2 watching for other girls I knew were running & ended up finding them right before start time. The Star Spangled Banner, a gun shot & we were offfffffff.  I loved having new music today! And I love it. almost enough to make me want to run tomorrow ;) I did walk a bit, but feel like I made up for it when I ran.  I finished w/a time of 36:36. not my fastest but right in my normal range. (& easy to remember LOL)  the only pic i have is on my phone so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

so much other stuff from the weekend to talk about & no photos :( so it  might just be a boring week of words words words. sorry!!

How was your Weekennd??
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