Wednesday, October 27, 2010

pumpkin baking

remember these?& I said there were more added after the photo? welllll yesterday being a blustery day I decided it was a good time to bake pumpkin.  So I grabbed a medium one from the step, cut it in half,

scrapped the seeds & almost all of the strings out,
put it in a 11x15 glass baking dish w/an inch of water & popped it in the oven @350 for an hour or so until the skin was pierce-able (is that a word?) -see the fork holes?    I let them cool & depending on the kind of pumpkin, some will just peel like an orange, others (like this one) need scraped, I used the same ice cream scoop I used to take the seeds & strings out.

From there, I put it in the chopper (& I have a whole other post about that lil machine) & what seemed like another hour later,(from the chopper NOT the scraping), it was beautiful pumpkin puree.. 3.5 cups worth from one medium pumpkin! yahooooooo!! money well spent!! Farmer's Market bay-bee!! 5 more to go :)

I put 3 cups in the freezer & used the other half cup to make pumkin cake yuuuummmmmy!

I also cooked a turk's turbin squash but have no pics of it :(  Luckily, I have 3 more out there to do yet but its the sammmmmmme process only w/alot more product in the end!  they are the big ugly things in the back of
 my pile o produce.  Speaking of this pile.. its going to continue to shrink this week as I keep cooking up the goods. that lil orange pumpkin & the rest of the squash, all that will be left will be a small basket of gords.

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