Monday, August 16, 2010

OH what a WEEKEND!!!

it was so great! so full!!

Friday nights @ home ROCK! I looove unwinding to grocery shopping, dinner, dog walk & time @ home w/Tim after a busy work filled week on a Friday night! THAT is what its all about!  (even if one of us is glued to the computer & the other the TV, even if one of us is scrapping in a room @ the other end of the house & the other is napping in front of the TV, as long as we are together, unwinding together, in the same house, its all good!)

Saturday.. this Saturday was one of  many to come I think, Tim up & gone b4 we think about moving. altho this week it threw the dogs off so they were wide awake about 4 whole minutes after he was out the door so I was too.  I changed & grabbed their leashes & we walked. LOVING those early morning walks -once I am out there its great .. GETTING there is not so easy.  then I took them home & went out for a run. a run that will never be repeated. it was a sad emotional disgusting degrading run where I walked the last half of it chewing my own a$$ for wussing out. yuck! was greeted home by happy pups YAY! only one more thing to make it ALL better.. a nap w/them on the couch. dreamy!  later on I did my banking, farmer's market shopping WHOOOP!!! I bought 20# of tomatos! GET OUT!! spending the money means I have to do the work! but not on Saturday :)  I also bought.. okra, purple-green beans, habanero/peach jam, a huge canatalope, carrots & broccoli, yellow squash, a pie pumkin, homemade noodles, onions, & registered to win the big bunga basket full of goodies but didn't win. WOWZA!!!!!!!!! 2 cloth bags & 3 plastic NOW that's DREAMY!! :)  then I was on my way around the square to hand out fliers & donation requests for ScrapPink! yehaw! they were actually happy to see me this year. *whew*  after we both got home, we headed to the Iowa State Fair.  Its not Summer w/o the ISF!! We loooooooove it!!  we cruised the fair grounds from 12-5pm eating here & there, sitting but only for a few minutes here & there-it was too hot to sit by stinky strangers-& headed home. a short day but the speed we took, we got it almost all seen/done/visited. 

Sunday I woke up w/some seriously unhappy legs!  they were screaming sore. I assume it was from the morning run in combination w/the speed we hit the ISF for 5 hrs almost straight.  thankfully they loosened up as I had work to do! I set about cleaning those 20# of tomatos.  My family has seed issues so I avoid them when I can to prevent any issues for myself, & neither of us like skins in our sauce so I seeded & peeled all of them.. it took me about 3 hrs but it was nice mindless work that produced a lot of tomato 'meat' & a sack of junk for the new garden! win-win in my book!   then I spent a while simmering it w/the onions, garlic & spices as it wouldn't all fit in my biggest pot so I had to let it simmer down & add more as it went. after pureeing (is that a word??) & cooking down again for 4 hours we were finally ready to can! yikes. I had no idea they weren't exaggerating when they said "we spent all day canning sauce" they were serious! I wasn't anywhere near satisified w/my 5 quarts of sauce last night, I ws even a bit bummed (emotional much??)  but today, after much encouragement via facebook, I am much better about it & proud that THAT was my first canning solo experience :) during all the cooking down parts, I was able to makr 5 movies off my queue on netflix :) whohooooooooooo multitasking!

ALL OF THIS ACTIVITY & not a single photo taken! it??? I will, however, share photos soon of my gorgeous jars of Seasoned Tomato Sauce & we are returning to the fair Friday night so there will be photos from that visit.  I am considering doing pickles tonight since there is a slim chance we will be busy this weekend, so maybe some photos from that too...

so tell me, how was your weekend? did you get alot crossed off your list?
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