Tuesday, July 6, 2010

true confessions tuesday

Good Bad & Ugly
  1. My first confession today is that the photos from the past weekend's events will be post poned until tomorrow :) they are edited & ready to go I just don't have the patience to work them into a post today.-bad
  2. next I will confess to eating baaaaaad stuff this weekend!! I did everything in moderation (food wise) but there was still more junk than normal.-bad
  3. I divided all the leftovers up among guests & sent alot of it out the door!!! pasta salad GONE, cake 1/2 gone, hamburgers GONE, you get the picture. -good
  4. I had 3 hotdogs yesterday EWWWWWWWW hotdogs really? yup. I almost enjoyed 2 of them -ugly
  5. OH YEA, 2 bottles of wine Sunday night -only took 3 tries to get up to stay up yesterday ;) BUT I had a good time Sunday night!! :) -good/bad/ugly
  6. I have done great keeping moving this weekend! Friday night 1 mile walking dogs, Saturday & Sunday .5 mile each, Monday I did the .5 w/them then took my c25k w1d3 outside for the first time!!  it was so great!! hoping to start a routine w/cross training (yoga podcasts anyone?) this week on my off days. -good
  7. OH I complimented my BIL on his weight loss & inquired about his training, Tim mentioned -jokingly- that I should ask him to run a 5k w/me as Tim is refusing & BIL jumped on it! there's even one in his town in September. I HAVE A GOAL!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD
what do u have to confess????
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