Monday, July 12, 2010

busy weekend recap

the easiest for me to type & you to read will be a list so here we go:
  • bible school program for neice & 2 nephews-ADORABLE
  • Farmer's Market goods-LOVE!
  • Shopping in Des Moines-Productive!
  • Free lunch out -YAY!!!
  • week2day2 of c25k-DONE!
  • new gear to wear on run-YAY!
  • watching the scale drop over the weekend-WONDERFUL
  • seeing it back up today-BOO!
  • visiting loved camp attendant while he was visiting the lake-AWESOME
  • crying while visiting (he lost his wife in May)- miserable
  • watching movies over the weekend-RELAXING!!
  • not a photo taken! GET OUT!!
back to work! Have a great day!!!
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