Friday, June 18, 2010

Farmer's Market Event!

child care oriented post? yes please :)  Stacey is awesome!!!  I wish I could be in her preschool class!!! :)  THANKS AGAIN STACEY!!  she had a little lesson prepared on the Farmer's Market; including but not limited to, growing, getting & eating fruits & veggies, & the baked goods & crafts also found @ the Farmer's Market. She even did up a folder for each of the 5 providers!! my kids came home & played garden bingo! YAY!!! another provider already posted on Facebook that her kids are using the word produce in play already DOUBLE YAY!!!

Great morning! Thanks again Stacey!!

ok shameful plug for another chance for me to win a Hobby  Lobby GC :) from the Decor Chic
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