Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Hump Day!!!

its been a bit crazy around here so a list will have to do :)
  • I have sorted all completed scrap pages & albums into piles by years
  • I have put 2007 into an album & gone thru my online processing site & made a list of what is yet to scrap
  • Next step there is to take said list & go thru the photo storage box & mark what is yet to print
  • last night I put 2005 into an album but feel like I have more somewhere else hmmmmm
  • Yesterday's late start day @ school threw off my day a bit
  • We have another one today but I am not as thrown off :)
  • Yoga after breakfast!!
  • Homemade bread in the oven
  • I heard the country roads are drifted almost shut again :(
  • Gotta start scrap-packing for the weekend
  • ETA: I want to try this project next month!!

Keep warm!!!

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