Thursday, January 28, 2010

ahhhh thursday :)

lovey lovey lovey u!! lots to be thankful for today!
  • full day of school
  • back to preschool routine
  • well-behaved kids
  • understanding parents
  • light day for my mom to fill in
  • my mom filling in while I go to the dr
  • Thanks Mom
  • dr. appointment to get workin on fixin my foot
  • clean clothes
  • hot coffee
  • fresh clean water to drink
  • water to wash dishes, clothes & pretty much everything we want
  • fellow bloggers to help put my thoughts into words
  • Thanks Jo
  • fellow bloggers w/great recipes & new ways of cooking
  • Thanks Shanen
  • weekend away soon
  • surprise birthday party this weekend
  • creative memories party AKA girls night out tomorrow
  • good night's sleep in a warm bed
  • super comfy fleece jammy pants

Have a Great Thursday!!!

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