Tuesday, December 8, 2009

we get a lil snow..

& I get busy... too busy to blog?? yikes!

Sunday John got a buck- Tim didn't get anything so John shared the meat. Thanks John. anyone w/a loin/deer steak recipe to share feel free!!

Then over night we got 4" of snow sorry no pics to show.

Then over night it started snowing AGAIN & hasn't stopped. Ok. yea. I know. its Iowa. we get snow. but HELLO making up for the warm November?? yikes. I think we've gotten another 4" & are expecting up to 18" by tomorrow & then the winds set in & make it blizzard like conditions WOW! BUT anyway.. back to TODAY!! we have a snow day:
the perfect way to break in new snowboots & snowpants!! It wasn't too cold when dressed appropriately :) they played out until they were adequately rosy! then when they came in we cut out & baked sugar cookies to frost either tomorrow or Thursday (@ their earliest return) pics on that later.
now I am happy to report my last mom is on her way & I will soon be off the clock! ready to settle in for the night & wish you all a warm, dry evening!!
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