Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Day #2

from the inside...
and from the outside

I was lucky enough to get a snow day yesterday. I woke @ regular time but was a bit slow rolling out.. as I was I got the first call-in. the grandparents were concerned about getting BACK to pick them up in 11 hrs so just kept them all day-fun for all there!! that was when I realized the front door was drifted shut anyway so Tim got up & headed out to start clearing a path for the next due to show in an hour later. then they called in so I texted the last due to arrive & they were not either. so I was officially closed 2 hrs after I got up. Tim worked out most of hte morning getting & trying to keep it cleared & I did some inside productivity upstairs, clearing off some catch alls & doing laundry. we lunched on smokies, sausage & cheese :) watched 4 Christmases & took naps in the afternoon. then I worked on my DD in the evening until I ran out of printer ink. So now that's at a stand till until Saturday when I get some more.
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