Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hello December!

WOW you have blown in w/some coooooooold air this year! :( I am admittedly not ready for the cold winter weather. Not that I have any choice but just sayin'. I have been able to get by w/long sleeve tshirts, a couple of waffle weave shirts & occassionally a jacket type shirt over top but usually just for a few hours in the morning. Today I took their forcast to heart & started the day off in a turtleneck & fleecy shirt over top, hot chocolate while making Tim's lunch , pancakes, fried eggs & applesauce for the kids' breakfast & perking coffee now. :)

Tonight I plan to work on my December Daily page 1!!!!!! So excited to get it rolling!! :) I shared both this & last year's books @ my mom's thanksgiving & had a good response. Not that it really matters b/c non-scrappers really don't 'get it' so I was prepared for page flipping & the obligatory 'mmm that's nice Kim' but I got some really nice responses :) (not even sure why I bother showing sometimes but oh well) hopefully tomorrow I'll have page 1 & maybe 2 to share complete!!

Last night I got back on the treadmill!! I had planned on a mile but got a half in w/mostly walking. My heel is bothering me again so I think I need some stretching to do before running. I printed page one of an 8 week program over the weekend so we will see how that goes. maybe I am starting off too strong for my old out of shape body?!

I feel like I have alot on my organizational plate right now.. IAEYC, PTCO spring crop, Christmas shopping, baking, visiting & celebrating, along w/the regular house running & child care daily work. Ok now that its in print it isn't near as overwhelming as it felt in my head :) THAT is a good thing!

APPRECIATE: I appreciate having family to shop for. I appreciate having the funds to do Christmas shopping (even if it isn't as 'all out' as I'd like). I appreciate hot coffee on a blustery December Day.

Enough Rambling! Off & Running!!!
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