Thursday, December 3, 2009


  • frosty windshields
  • foggy storm door
  • quick potty breaks for Gus
  • larger laundry loads
  • Tim's thermos of HOT food for lunch
  • hats & gloves on little ones
  • They are all signs I see daily that the outside temps are dropping rapidly!
Well its Thursday AND:
  • I haven't been a lick of productive in the scraproom this week!
  • I've only been on the treadmill once & my foot hurts from it.
  • I realized yesterday I am almost done Christmas shopping.
  • I am looking fwd to Tim hunting this weekend! (ME time)
  • I hope he gets a deer.
  • I plan to start wrapping gifts Saturday.
  • I am done decorating! officially putting totes in the cubby this afternoon!
  • I have a box of decorations to take to Cross Ministries. THAT feels good.

working on the December Daily in my head today to hopefully work on it for real tonight when we get back from visiting MIL for her birthday.

Hope you have a GREAT DAY!!

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