Friday, November 20, 2009


I am so ready for the weekend!! Super ready for next weekend but this one is a good start! :) Tonight we are using one of our 'half off Friday' deals!! then going to my cousin's new house for PC party she booked from me. Tomorrow I am going w/some girlies to a crop ALL DAY!! WHOOO FREAKING HOOOOOOOO!!! READY FOR SOME COMMITMENT FREE TIME!!!
Sunday I only have a 1y/o's photos to snap in themorning & I plan on that being done in an hour! :) short attention span ya know. hoping for some fun shots & maybe a lil sunshine thrown in!!!

I am so excited to see the sun shining to day!!!!!!!!! I just keep looking out the window & breathing a deep breath of relaxation! SO GOOD FOR THE SOUL!!!

  • Scrapping w/the girls
  • Movie time w/Tim
  • Focusing on a child's point of view (photos)
  • SUNSHINE!!!!!
  • Sleeping in
  • Napping

ok off & running!! :)
Have a great weekend!!!

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