Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh Sweet Charli!

Charli's mama asked me to take her 1year photos a few weeks ago. EEEEEEEEEEEK a milestone?! ME?! arg. I have lost all confidence in my photography lately. not sure if its the lack of support (ah hem Tim) or just me being me.
But she didn't give up so we set the date/time & location & hit the streets! OH SO CUTE!! it was WINDY & chilly but we trucked thru.. then the battery went dead in the camera DUH so I took it out &put it back in-hehe tricky! & THEN it started to rain on us.. so 30 minutes tops & 23 photos later we went our separate ways. :) I think I got a few keepers.
in other news. I am back on the treadmill! I did a mile last night after week & half off. I have scrapped almost daily for 2 weeks! had a great time @ the crop Saturday, finishing 7 pages in our AZ 04 chapter. :) I am really looking forward to the long weekend! I plan to do amile every day! along w/several other to-do list things!!
Have a great day!!
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