Sunday, October 4, 2009

A weekend post?

Yep, I am feeling better! back to just the cough I started out w/ :) whohoooooooo
The sun is shining 3 CHEERS!! OH how I love the sunshine!!
The crisp Autumn air + sunshine = hopeful productivity!
Today I want to:
  • take down the patio lights + dead hanging pots from the deck
  • pull in the plants & pillows from the deck
  • bring in & put up the fall & Halloween decorations
  • pull out the winter clothes tote & pack away summer *sniff* *sniff*
  • handcraft a birthday card for a dear friend's surprise party this afternoon
  • stash Scrap Pink supplies safely for next year
  • swap out the lemons in the fruit/punch bowl for the coveted Honey Crisps :D

oh my.. my coffee is growing my to do list faster than I can get it accomplished. I am seriously not Ready for Fall but I don't think I have a choice so I may as well Get Ready :)

I Hope you have a gorgeous wonderful Sunday in your home!!

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