Monday, October 5, 2009

Good Morning!

Monday!! Fresh new week, month, season, *sigh* I almost feel refreshed this morning. Almost like I had a planned extended weekend. I guess its better than feeling behind like my first instinct was when I turned on the lights down here this morning. bedding needing washed, dishes needing washed, floor needing scrubbed, table needing wiped, trash needing pulled, toys needing picked up & sanitized! Oh the plans for the day are forming!!

Today there is no school so I am hoping for some sunshine this morning so we can take a fall walk! We'll just take it slow but the supportive brace is helping me get around TONS!! I think I could also get them to help me gather toys to sanitize/rotate out to make for less sanitizing during the cold & flu season. I feel a 'treasure hunt' coming on w/a walk as a reward & then a painting project @ the table while I fix lunch. WOW organization?? whazzzzzzzzat???? :) Feels like a great day to pull out the brown paint!

Then tomorrow will be back to our regularly scheduled days of trolleys picking up & dropping off for preschools, school kids in & out, & hopefully my little will be back from the hospital! basically planned chaos :) Looking fwd to it!

This time last year I participated in Ali's A Week in the Life project & loved it! Thinking this would be a great week to do it again! only this year I'd like to finish it before the first of November :)

I am definitely taking a break from my caffeine-free lifestyle. I am going to need it to get it all done today & maybe all week.
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