Wednesday, October 28, 2009


  • I just closed a $700 Pampered Chef party! that scores me some pretty neat stuff!
  • I did a 14.5 minute mile on the tread last night! thankful for the health to be able to!
  • its not the best but it gives me a starting point!
  • I did .75 of a mile this morning! BEFORE WORK! GET. OUT. so unlike me! but I am feeling GREAT b/c of it!
  • I was moving much slower today but atleast I know what I can do & the time I need to allow.
  • Its going to be warm (50s) today & SUNSHINE!!!
  • I get my h1n1 mist vac today.
  • Already have pancake batter mixed up.
  • on my 2nd cup o coffee :) ready to start the water
  • Good for the Soul list :)
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