Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Hump Day!!!

My mind is kinda spinning this morning. I am finally showing side effects from the medicine combo I've been on since Saturday. rather than bore you w/deets I will jump right to the Fly Mission for today:

It is Anti-procrastination Day! It is time to take a look into the medicine cabinets and toss the empty bottles and boxes that are taking up space. While you are doing this also take a look at the expiration dates on the medicines that are there. If you have some that need to be gotten rid of take care of that as well. Grab a damp rag and wipe down the shelves. Don't take everything out, just lift,wipe and put back.

For the kids room - Throw open the sock drawer and start flinging!I don't know what it is about the socks but they lose their mates and for some strange reason there always seem to be socks in the drawers that are too small!! There could be socks that your child never wears because they don't like them. Fling them! Have your child help you if they are old enough or have them do it themselves. I did this not too long ago with my son and was floored to see a pair of soccer socks still in the drawer when he hasn't played in 4 years!! He was a youth size 6 and now wears a men's size 12! Toss the socks!

No kids? Do a Hot spot Fire Drill in the room of your choice! I will do fire drills around my desk area & in the weight room-I owe the weight room a good 45 minutes tonight!

How did you do on yesterday's mission?? did you manage the 27 fling boogie!? I did & it spread into the top of my 'pantry cupboard' in the cc kitchen! awesome!! feeling GREAT!

MMMMMMM pancakes for breakfast today!!! need more caffeine first. :)
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