Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh Monday,

Oh Monday! I am not quite ready for you. not that you asked anyway :) had a great weekend!! quiet night @ home Friday, Saturday morning I spent running around town picking up donations & dropping off requests, definatly getting a better response w/a cover letter! then home to lunch & chill out w/Tim until time to go to Bass Pro to get his special order Tshirt, then to Lance & Val's party. Good Time! Slept in till time to go to the shelter yesterday, which was another awesome experience! a well oiled machine we were! then home to shower & go to my Mom's cook out. so relaxing!! when home Tim & I made home made pizza for supper & watched the latest the Fast & the Furious movie. LOVE IT!! then off to bed! a great weekend!

SCRAP PINK: I picked up 4 more registrations, 4 more donations, AND handed out another invite, another registration packet, 26 more donation requests. Saturday is FULL! Sunday is well on its way! *closing registration on Wed *calling tshirt guy today *calling scrapbook store today

APPRECITATE: I APPRECIATE the farmer's market offering fresh things we wouldn't other wise get to enjoy. I APPRECIATE good business people that recognize a repeat customer. I APPRECIATE business owners that are willing to help others.

ACCOUNTABILITY:this weekend was a wash. Friday horrible, Saturday 80oz but the food was not so great. Sunday 64oz & a little better on the food wise.

today's list includes child care paperwork, scrap pink phone calls, laundry, & making a chiro appt.
hope your day is all you need it to be!!
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