Thursday, September 3, 2009

its my friday :)

I love this new tradition we made of taking 4 day weekends for Labor & Memorial weekends! Funny how it started out just to be sure we had camp sites now we go over earlier in the week to reserve them, then back to work for 2 days but we still take Fridays off. Great summer Kick off & send off! Its all good!! :) Now that Summer is coming to a close we are finally finding a camping-packing groove. lol funny how that works! Monday night we loaded firewood, Tuesday night we went to the lake & reserved our spots, Wednesday night we shopped & packed the truck, Thursday night we head out. *huge sigh of relief* Almost wishing I'd taken off @3 today but what's another 2 hrs? really?!

I have a few things left to gather-
  • Tim's phone charger
  • bocci ball game
  • board games
  • face soap from the shower-the only thing I don't have duplicates of
  • flip flops-thinking positively that I will need them @ some point
  • another blanket-just in case

I refuse to get stressed or be short fused today! I was feeling my extreme breakdown coming on last night while trying to pack enough clothes & nothing was fitting in the bags & am thankful I was alert to it enough to be able to walk away & breathe thru it instead of having a meltdown! :) I crashed on the couch @8 & would have slept there all night had Tim not woke me up @10 to shower & go to bed. I haven't had one of those episodes in months & don't miss it! I consider it a breakthru to be able to feel it coming & KNOW I can do something about it b4 it erupts! :) Big Smiles!!

OK. now that I have taken 4 sits to get this typed in, I will just giveup & wish you all a great Labor Day Weekend!!

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