Tuesday, August 11, 2009

True Confessions Tuesday

  1. have been good about getting to bed reasonably the past 2 nights
  2. before 8 both nights
  3. but I think its more to make up for the after midnights we saw Friday & Saturday
  4. I only got 64oz yesterday(21 day challenge)
  5. zero dairy(21 day challenge)
  6. but 5 f/v(21 day challenge)
  7. walked w/the kids for my daily walk (21 day challenge)
  8. but forgot my vitamins (21 day challenge)
  9. need to get better about eating breakfast
  10. realized today that we have less than 2 weeks...
  • until school starts
  • until I am down 5 kids every day
  • until I am on my own every day
  • until everyone sleeps @ nap time
  • until the Iowa State Fair is over
  • until Summer feels more like its drawing to a close
  • until our field trips stop
  • until we all get on a much more strict schedule
  • until I start obsessing about the preschool schedules
  • until I kick into to Scrap Pink obsession mode

Have a GREAT day!!

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