Friday, August 21, 2009

Hello there Friday!

I thought U'd never come! :) the last Friday of Summer Vacation. Hmmmmm I am ready & I think they are too.

This weekend will be full of cleaning! The upstairs is definately become a dumping ground w/all the time we've spent outside lately & since Tim's working Saturday morning I will have plenty of quiet time to put a dent in it :) I promised myself I wouldn't get overwhelmed & would even go 15 minutes at a time if I had to. Then I start volunteering @ the animal shelter on Sunday. I hear rumors it took the last family of 4, 4 hours to do the dog room. I am thinking 2 hrs tops. And since we also want to do the last day of the fair & Bass Pro Shops on Sunday, I will be up early to do the dogs.
SCRAP PINK: I am hoping to get out & hang fliers Saturday too. I have 15 guests down for RSVPing, 5 on Saturday only, 5 for the whole weekend & the other 5 have not chosen days. This is from Facebook only. I am meeting w/the owner of the new day spa in town tonight to explain SP to her & see what she wants to donate. EXCITING!!
ACCOUNTABILITY: 80oz, 1 dairy, 6! f/v, played @ the park & walked to the garden then worked more on the rock garden, & Vites!! The water & dairy could have been a bit better but can't be perfect every day! ;)

APPRECIATE: I APPRECIATE the garden produce & Farmer's Market SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much right now!!! yuummmmy I APPRECIATE that we had all these rocks laying around to make our vision come to light. I APPRECIATE the coming quiet time tomorrow morning :)

Here are some shots I captured last night.
ROCK GARDEN:(so far)
WOW Major Friday Post :) What are YOUR weekend plans??
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