Monday, July 27, 2009

Whata weekend!

Friday night-ate @Redman's, grocery shopped, home to unload/sort/put away, clean out van for Saturday. clean kitchen then Soak in tub reading.
Saturday- up & vac all up carpet. load & ready to pull out when Mom, B&girls got here, got gas & away we went. got to FM, shopped & decided on IHOP for brunch on the way home, Creative memories party w/cocktails on deck. YAY!! w/everyone gone Tim came home to put cement around all posts he'd set that morning. showered, Nick, Hupp & Laurne @ the Mexican restarant for supper. then Eagle's for pool for the guys & darts for us girls for a while, then to Joker's till close. We crashed in living room.
Sunday- slept in but woke to a CRASH in the kitchen - the ceiling fan/light installed in Februrary fell to the floor. the whole assembly box broke apart! so we cleaned that up & I made apple turnovers from a box then bummed around for a couple of hours then got him moving on the fence-. finished @ supper time. ate smoked kilbasa on the grill & corn on the cob, relaxed a bit then went to the garden for him to till & me to weed & found 3 little green tomatos on the ground & 3 red romas ready to pick. have a cucumber that's close & 4 more starting, picked a pepper that hasn't changed in a month & found alot of starts! its getting exciting!! talked to neighbors we share the new fence w/& she (Brooke) would like a garden spot .. offered her a chunk @ the old place & she about did flips :) home to relax!!! read in tub ( I should have soaked my shoulders more.. they are SORE today. (I always put muscle soak bath salts in the tub!)

this week I have a 4 hour visit on Wed w/the county & State nurse consultants to go thru all of my toys & equipment & environment for the QRS & write up all of my 'things to change' to be a perfectly safe environment. so I have some things to get moved/cleaned today & tomorrow. :) Plus we are hoping to do 2 field trips this week -Tues & Thurs. & hopefully hang the sheetrock in the basement & mow tonight or tomorrow night. its going to be busy!!!
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