Tuesday, July 28, 2009

True COnfessions Tuesday

shamelessly copied from THE SISTERHOOD WHICH I haven't visited or linked near as often as I was simply b/c I was not participating in the latest contest. but I plan to reactivate myself over there!! :)

on to my list!
  1. I tend to neglect everything else around me when i am into a good book & a good series is even worse! right now I am shamelessly (evidently word of the day) deeply engrossed by Nora Roberts' KEY trilogy.. luckily for everything around me, I am on #3 right now :)
  2. I haven't stepped a foot in my scrap room since mid June! I miss it!
  3. I tried to start shredding again-2 weeks ago I shredded a couple days buy then hurt a toe & haven't gotten back @ it.
  4. I justified some 'liquid cocaine' cocktails by Danny Saturday night by the amt of pineapple juice they contained & the 3 glasses of ice water I had between each cocktail
  5. I am terrified of having 2 nurses in my home for 4 hours tomorrow! YIKES!!!
  6. I have a list of things to complete/move/remove/clean today/tonight for that visit tomorrow.
  7. I have worked on the same list since Friday & keep moving things from one day to the next...working on each a little @ a time. only completing two of eight so far.
  8. I want to rescue the front flower bed from the weed infestation!
  9. I have a small pile of papers next to my computer that need sorted, hung or filed.
  10. I am keeping my Creative Memories party order open until tomorrow evening b/c I couldn't stand the thought of closing it & missing someone's order-its a sickness. haha
  11. I love making lists so this could go on forever :)
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