Thursday, July 2, 2009

tough love or cold hearted?

'The boys' (Tim, Shayne, Lance, Dale, Troy, Hupp, Nick, & other male counterparts from our circle of friends) took their annual trip over the state line last night for fireworks for Dale's party Saturday night. This would be all well & good if they would just go & have fun but they have to throw alcohol into the mix & then feel miserable today @ work. one word: DUH. 2 words: no sympathy. Yet I am considered a heartless B today b/c I have no sympathy & am not catering to him today. Eh. You are a grown up & made a grown up decision last night-pay the grown up way today.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet time last night!! I got to finish picking up & vacuuming the bedroom (right off the newly remodeled bathroom so it was a serious catch all of parts & tools), pick up the deck from my assembly projects this week, also, pick up & vacuum the hallway, nice & slow @ my own pace w/o anyone to interrupt a good flow or to bug me when I was taking a break reading or decorating. YES I decorated more! I hung the 2 medium buntings, I borrowed from mom, on the deck rails, finished hanging my party lights complete w/drop cord & put a new bow on the hanger outside the front door. I also finally planted 2 of the 3 cockscombs I bought @ Farmer's Market last Saturday (one didn't make it past the weedeater ). In the middle of it all, I sat on the deck w/the party lights on & 2 tiki torches a-blaze to read some in my book as the sun went down & b4 I knew it I was reading by tiki torch light LOL loved it!! Then I finished the cleaning & vacuuming when it was too dark to read outside.

Today we are walking up town to check out the carnival rides :) lucky for me they aren't open yet -we just walk up the last day of child care b4 the celebration starts. I think it takes the edge off of them wondering what's up there. Bethany brought the cutest little r/w/b jello/marshmellow cups! they are adorable! there WILL be photos! :)
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