Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hello July! :)

the 4th is my favorite holiday!! I love the patriotism, the red, white & blue everywhere, the respect we pay to our country, vets & soldiers (that we should pay more often), & our family tradition.

My family's tradition is a bbq after the parade. we used to all meet & watch the parade @ Great Gma/pa Crew's corner but since they've passed & its now a rental we have had to find other corners to perch on. so far not finding any one spot that fits. this year we are hosting the bbq!!! I am so excited!! I love hosting & I love the 4th.. what a perfect opportunity for me! :) Tim will be in his element grilling burgers, we have come up w/some games to keep everyone entertained (hopefully-which reminds me I need to make certificates for participants ;)), we are making homemade ice cream too! ALWAYS TONS OF FOOD & laughs!

Then we go from my family to Tim's. His mom hosts a HUGE supper in the yard. LOOOVE IT TOO.. TONS of photo ops :) lots of extended family, family friends, & cousins to catch up w/. this year both of MIL's brothers are back from AZ & the cousin & family that are staying w/us too. then there's the whole Leon bunch we don't see often enough that will be here & Tim's siblings from out of town usually make an appearance as well.

AFTER that we head to Dale's for his Hog Roast, cocktails & fireworks. another fun tradition! usually LOTS of people catching up, hanging out, catching up & sharing some laughs.

The day after is a recovery day! We have houseguests this year so we will see how well we move on Sunday :) I am so ready to get this weekend underway-especially since I have Friday off for that last minute prep.
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