Friday, July 17, 2009

its here, its here,


OMG I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED for tonight I can hardly STAND it!! I have missed camping sooooooooooo much in all the bathroom remodel & company having that is going to be a dream to get away this weekend!! we do this every summer-miss a few weeks then about die to go back & love it every second! YAY!!! we have the firewood loaded, truck cab organized, totes packed, groceries bought, meals planned, mango VINO RITA mixed & frozen, & bags packed! now.. will 5:00 get here please!

ok.. back to business :)

  1. a few photos from our field trip yesterday to the park...

2. ACCOUNTABILITY: Yesterday I ended w/64 oz, 3 f/v, 1 dairy & no exercise. the lack of exercise I am blaming on a minor mishap turned major real quick. all b/c I was barefoot & abottle of sunscreen dropped from the freezer to the floor landing first on th efirst joint up from the foot on my 2nd toe of my right foot. it instantly turned purple & swelled. WOW. it hurt so back I thought I would throw up. today its less swollen & less purple just reallllly stiff & sore. hoping its all better by tomorrow! bleck!

3. APPRECIATE: I APPRECIATE our time @ the lake. I APPRECIATE the little garden we have @ the old property. I APPRECIATE that Tim is helping w/the prep. (as tempted as I am, I am not going to mention how many years I 'did it all' lol)

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