Monday, June 29, 2009


FOR MONDAY!!! I am ready for today so I can take a break from the work I did this weekend!! I won't bore you w/the detailed list but will instead just tell you the general.

  • all shower wall tiles are clean, grout is sealed, siliconed & faucet installed
  • medicine cabinets installed
  • kitchen is cleaned top to bottom
  • new kitchen curtains washed & hung
  • photos added & new frames hung on photo wall
  • tiki torches, party lights +drop cord bought
  • I got 96oz in one day & 64 the other, only ate 1/2 my TCBY ice cream & froze the other 1/2 for later, got 2or3 f/v depending on the day & 2 dairy daily. not bad for a weekend!
  • have a list & half for tonight! ugh.

today I plan to enjoy being @ work w/o alot of 'requirements' on my time :) (never thought I'd say that LOL) -meals, walk, back yard play. it honestly doesn't get much simpler than that :)

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