Tuesday, June 30, 2009


so its Tuesday... I feel like I've been hit by a bus. better than last night when it was a train. so atleast its an improvement!

I ended my workday w/a headache-not unusual in the past few weeks -I have ended more days w/one than w/o! so I just went on w/my evening. fixed chili+cheese brats on the foreman, we ate, Tim piped in the toilet, went out to mow, I applied the sealer to the floor grout, assembled one tiki torch, went back to apply layer 2, noticed my headache was getting worse & I was starting to feel queasy-too late to take anything w/o guaranteeing a sessing infront of the toilet. so I plugged away, hung a small bunting under the mailbox out front, assembled 2nd tiki torch, started to rearrange my party lights on the deck & Tim was mowing &hollered up to see if I'd scrub down the toilet &scrap the old caulk from the bottom of it (since it was on the deck & by the time he was done, he'd be ready for it), so I stopped the light festivities & started scrubbing... it took alot longer than either of us thought so he installed the cabinet, sink, counter :) yummmy!! then when I was finally done w/the toilet I was so weak I went to the couch & crashed. he needed help 2x & on my way in the 2nd time, I took my blanket. & ended up passing out on the new tile floor LOL clear up until I woke up to use to the newly insalled & thankfully clean toilet :( yup I got rid of all my supper @ once so then I went to the living room floor not sure if I was having what he had on Saturday (he didn't throw up but reallllllly wanted to) or if it was jsut migraine sick. so I slept there for another hour & woke to shower in the NEW TUB :) can't wait for tonight & enjoy it all LOL

I am truely impressed (?) w/bulemics! (sp?) b/c all I did was throw up once & I am still weak this morning.
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