Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome Back Friday!!

I have sure looked fwd to you this week!! it's been a doozy!! Personally I think I have earned you! :)

Last night we did ALOT -Tim ran to Leon to get his new Cell phone, I took Suzanna home, we went grocery shopping, delivered his mom's cell phone battery, McD's for quick supper, home to unload/sort groceries, Tim painted the bathroom walls & I did the corners, we packed/organized what wasn't done last week & we are ready to pull food from the fridge & freezer & run tonight! :)

The bathroom is ready for a light fixture to be hung & then tiling! SUPER EXCITING
Sunday we are hoping to come home to dry yard & w/enough energy to mow & till BUT I am not planning on it :)

I am sad to miss the Farmer's Market tomorrow but happy to get out of here, maybe I'll find out if Centerville has one. Just hoping for nice weather!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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