Thursday, June 11, 2009

isn't it friday yet??

I am sooooooooooo tired again today :( not sure even caffeine will perk me up -THAT'S TIRED!

yesterday was alot of starts & stops!
  1. I woke crabby=no blog post w/commentary LOL I just figured why spread it around??
  2. I was prepared (looking fwd to even) taking this crabbiness out on 2 insurance issues I needed to take care of over the phone-neither one needed it so that was ok.
  3. We headed outside for our walk, I locked the door behind me to find the key pad w/the key attached NOT in its spot to let myself back in to get what I forgot, trying to get to the back yard to come in the unlocked slider was useless as I couldn't get the gate open so Called Tim on my cell & the keypad was in the truck in the driveway YAY!!!
  4. Our 2.5 hr walk went well
  5. Lunch was late due to the long walk but they were happy w/popsicles while I figured something out.
  6. I headed to Leon to get Tim a new cell phone right after work, to get a phone call 5 minutes down the road to tell me to turn around as their systems were down &no sales could take place. Instead had time to shower!
  7. Attended visitation for a gma of a past cc family.
  8. Home to change clothes to paint the ceiling. DONE!
  9. In to read YAY!

staying close to home today! going to head out into the back yard no matter how muddy it is.
determined to make it thru another day.

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