Thursday, June 4, 2009

productivity Wed Report

WOW!!!!! I feel like we made major headway yday! while Tim was working late & I ran out & got plastic for the bathroom next step, weeded one front flower bed, deadheaded the other, read up on the seed blankets I have (need to till/loosen soil & have some for top too RATS! not something I can do on my own or this week *sigh*), fixed a beefy rice packet from the cupboard & added frozen mixed veggies to it, read in my book while the grill was getting ready (I can NOW do the first 2 steps in the charcoal grilling :) 1. put the charcoal in the can & soak w/fluid 2. light it hahahah.. seriously I thought there was something special about lighting it until last night! sheesh! THEN after we ate supper we hit the bathroom.. Tim sanded what needed it, added another layer of mud to a couple of spots, cleaned up his tools & swept the floor while I was pulling the trim nails from around the doorways then cutting the plastic to fit the door & tub. Then I hung the piece on one door to the hallway (we have a 2nd door thru our bedroom) & he covered the tub. all this prep was so exciting!! it means we are close to spraying texture!!! then we get to paint!!!!!!!!! the plan is to finish prep tonight to spray tomorrow night, go to the lake Saturday & Sunday, come home & paint Sunday & Monday nights... SOOOOOO EXCITING!!!!!!!!

I hope to get the kids out in the yard this morning to get the mulch moved, some glad bulbs planted & some lettuce seed in the ground. other than that I have a QRS paperwork meeting @12 & nothing else planned.

Yesterday, we walked w/our lil troop up town, around the square, played in the courtyard & home in 2 hrs. it was an enjoyable walk! WE LOVE SUZANNA!!
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