Tuesday, June 9, 2009

more progress :)

much happiness here!!!

in the bathroom we were able to:
  • lay plastic in tub spot on floor
  • hang plastic over new insulation
  • replace 2 bits of insulation that were dusty leading to attic
  • hang the cement board on the large tub wall & one piece on one end
  • lay concrete on plastic on floor
  • cover w/plastic
  • SET THE TUB!!!!!

AHHHH MAJOR PROGRESS!!! so exciting! :)

today is our first field trip! we are all pumped about going to the park & having a picnic! Then I am having another QRS visit & thankfully Suzanna will be here for it all :) tonight I think will be yard work-mowing then tilling of the flower beds I need to get the seed blankets in to hopefully show progress in 3 weeks. EEK I don't know!

Ok hitting it! have a good one!

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