Wednesday, April 1, 2009


YEHAW ITS WEDNESDAY!!!!! YOGA DAY! I realllllllllllly need to get that kids' disc so we can do it during the days too!!

Last night's business training was good! a more condensed filing version YAY! plus all the supplies to set it up! ROCK ON! 4 hrs training in 2.5 YEHAW! love it :) it has me in the mood to organize.. I do love me some organization office supplies!!! we'll see what I can accomplish w/an itty bitty on my lap as they have done a good job of being needy so far this week. but I don't mind really.

APPRECIATE: I appreciate a trainer that apppreciates our evening time is OUR time =flying thru the training we all understand to get us out early. I appreciate that the training included the supplies to implement their theory. I appreciate other providers sharing ideas & experiences.

ACCOUNTABILITY: I didn't make it thru the 2nd 32 oz bottle yday but I had 16oz of hot tea. 3 veggie/fruit servings & nothing after 6pm! but no exercise :( holding steady from the weekend @ down 2 from the week b4 :D WHOHOOOOOOO something good that came of the flu ;)
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