Friday, February 20, 2009


so yesterday I got worse as the day went on.. started out w/some nausea & then the chills set in as warning signs of a low grade fever (99.5) ... by noon it was up to 100.5 & I was getting sore, achy yucky thru the back & joints.. but I had made it thru the rough part of the day managing to be productive even! I got my registration renewal forms & copies done, & worked my way thru the copies I needed for my QRS application. :) not to mention keeping up w/the kids & facebook LOL by closing time I was REALLY cold & achy so over supper (chicken noodle soup from a can) I decided I was closing for today. the text went out (wow I had no idea how easy texting was!! looooooooove it lol) & I got into some comfies & we caught up on our DVR'd shows & then crashed early.

today I slept in :) then bummed around online. this afternoon I have worked on tax prep YUCK while I watched Greys, Private Practice & 2 weeks of The Medium online. so far my temp is sticking to 100.7 but not nauseated & less sore & achy YAY. I have even managed to sort & Start laundry!! I could definately get used to sleeping in, lounging around & doing a few hours worth of work in the afternoon :D hehe

I really need to get on w/the tax prep YUCK.

APPRECIATE: I appreciate that I am feeling better even tho I still have a fever. I appreciate that none of my cc parents were upset about me closing for the day. I appreciate that Tim has taken time the past 2 days to check on me thru out the day.

ACCOUNTABILITY: yesterday I got 20oz of water during tv time as I was so afraid of throwing it up that I didn't drink or eat anything all day! I only ate string cheese & ice cream during the work day then chicken noodle soup & 1/2 a cuban sandwich for supper. I am afraid my body stored everything that went in since there was so little offered it :( today I am definately working more water!

better a late entry than never eh?

this weekend looks to be pretty quiet YAY! just getting these taxes DONE & out the door!! whohooooooo
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