Tuesday, January 27, 2009

its Tuesday...

& its better than Monday :) & that's pretty great!!

after yesterday's craziness I went home & crashed on the living room floor next to Tim while he was watching tv @5:15. I seriously did NOT see 5:30! I woke up around 7/7:15 & got up to eat a salad then sat & did bills to pay out today then we picked up the living room for our delivery today-nope didn't get it shampooed BUT he did get my new iron scrolly thingy hung over the couch spot! not quite a fair trade but it worked for last night. we were both in bed b4 10-amazing! exhausted. Mondays can be rough! lol

ACCOUNTABILITY: I ended the day w/only 60 oz but its better than 40 :) & no exercise other than the normal work day laps around the basement LOL I am however putting an extra cup of veggies on my salads & eating the protien of the kids' lunch & snacks.. example - yesterday: yogurt, peanut butter, turkey, cottage cheese, etc. today already sausage patty & scrambled eggs on 1/2 slice of whole grain bread, hot cocoa (hm) & am working on my water.

excitement: tonight our furniture will be delievered!!! :D between 5 & 7 YAY!!!! can't freaking wait b/c I am starting to wonder if it will all fit :( eeek then after that instead of laying around & enjoying it we have to run off to dart league -ha- NOT funny. furniture photos tomorrow!

today's to do list is finishing up odds & ends & maybe mopping the wood floor. oh yea.. & keeping warm haha
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