Monday, January 26, 2009


I am In Search Of: a computer job from home that lets me sleep till noon & be done by 4PM. anyone, anyone, beuller?? As much as I love the kids I think I love sleeping in more.. if I could find something to pay what I make (so we can keep what we have of course) & fit the above criteria, I'd jump!!!

In other news: Can I start the impeachment process of WINTER?? it snowed over night Saturday/Sunday & I hear we are to expect more a couple of days this week.. COMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMME ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN its been done, over rated, burnt OUT. get over it.

ACCOUNTABILITY: yesterday I finished 80 oz on my way to bed, & got 30 minutes of Fit time in while Tim was @ walmart getting painting supplies :) I also used the broom to clean a good couple of inches of snow off the van & sidewalk to go to McDonald's for brunch (chicken wraps LOL)

APPRECIATE: I do appreciate the families I have that keep my child care home full. I did appreciate the sleeping in this weekend! I did appreciate the hot water I had for a nice soaking bath last night. I so appreciate my online friends!!!!

today's to do list is to stay warm mostly. I will also find some bread to bake -oatmeal again?- laundry is started & receipts finished up as they are due out by Friday even tho I promised them today --oops! really wishing I'd saved the love seat from the landfill!! I'd have it down here, be on it, wrapped in a blanket doing receipts today! brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Shanen-yours is done.
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