Friday, January 2, 2009

I caved...

we ordered furniture today... I hope I don't come across as bragging b/c I am not meaning to but we are very proud of ourselves (& excited!!) to finally be able to get NEW living room furnishings. we have always made due w/hand-me-downs but finally decided (after our chats w/the chiro today) that its time to do it.

He fell in love w/this recliner & we agreed on this sofa (I say couch) & matching chair + ottoman. we went in for 2 recliners & a couch but I fell IN LOVE w/the new chairs that are all big & puffy w/the matching ottoman YUMMMMY!!

IT WASN'T an easy day.. we went to Slumberland first, got no help, found recliner but overwhelmed by couches, went to Homemakers, had great help, w/order pending had printer error so recliner salesman took us to main desk to print & there told us couch saleswoman had NOT Told us we had to pay 25% down due to special order on couch-which would NOT have been an issue had she told us that UP FRONT while we were deciding on a color --btw we took the swatches to the recliner 2x & she was w/us the whole time.. plenty of time for her to tell us --but since she DIDN'T, we cancelled the order & walked out. BACK TO SLUMBERLAND. awesome help, found couch that 'fit' took that swatch to recliner-coordinated- ran credit (b/c we don't do anything w/o a no interest credit deal)-unknowingly picked out end tables that were discontinued & only had one available so scratched them off- ordered all 4 pieces w/5 yr warranties & deliver on financing YAHOOOOOOOO 12 months no interest!!

NOW.... we have a crack (from previous settling) in a wall to patch & texture then that wall to paint (where the couch is/will go) I think we settled on the same color as the hallway.. tan/light brown-peanut butter I think & the big wall (that's the livingroom into the dining room) & the adjoining window wall will stay white for now--I think. can you have too many shades of brown in a house?? we already have 3... 2 in the master bedroom & one in the hallway.... let me know what you think.

So that's what the next 2 weeks will consist of :) just preparing you for boring home improvement posts. hehe.
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