Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am so frustrated w/myself :( I wanted Wii Fit & got it for Christmas.. now I don't take time to use it :( Oh sure when Tim is harrassing me about beating me in this category or that one I want to but then he's watching Tv, its too close to bed time (& I don't sleep well after working out) Or I am just too freaking lazy :((

last night I discovered a bigger tummy pooch than I last remembered, along w/the cellulite -pointed out to me over the holiday weekend- on my thighs ... ugh!

I got up early enough this morning I should have turned it on & atleast done some yoga but oh no... I layed on the couch & napped until the first family arrived *sigh* :(

sorry for the doom & gloom post ... just feeling sorry for myself today.
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