Friday, January 9, 2009

giving up...

its really not what u think :)

here's the list that comes to mind of what I gave up in 2008:
  • daily caffeine-relapsed occassionaly but never for more than 4 straight days :)
  • aspertame! its the devil!
  • soy-heightened awareness & avoiding whenever possible

Gosh I felt like there was a lot more LOL

so for 2009?? they usually come to me thru-out the year in the form of health issues, research pointed out to me, or news articles on what is now bad for us. as of right now I can't think of anything to cut I just know that I plan to

  • get a composter(learn to use it) & recycle more hoping to down size the trash can again
  • buy more organic foods & items
  • learn more about solar heat for the basement
  • use a ton of my scrap supplies up
  • donate donate donate

so I guess the cutting list would include:

  • trash
  • foods w/tons of preservatives & unnecessary chemicals
  • scrap shopping-keep it at a minimum anyway
  • unnecessary purchases/clutter

this weekend we are doing some running around on Saturday-library for me & jewelry store for locking ear ring back I lost, groceries, probably a walmart trip.. Sunday Tim is hunting again so I will either scrap on my December Daily book or help mom paint... either way I am SLEEPING IN! :)

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