Wednesday, January 14, 2009

frozen nose hair temps!

YIKES!!!!!!! hopefully today is the coldest for us!! its very very cold.. they were talking serious exposure warnings so I threw all the kids in the van & we sat at the stop w/them today TODAY only b/c 3 of the middles were CRYING cold all the time then after we got back. I was worried about Nat but she did GREAT!! LOL go figure.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Tuesday's report: I didn't get any fit time in b/c we had darts BUT I got my 80oz in & I count darts as some exercise ... 15 minutes of the 2 hrs we were there when totaled up :) this morning I have already banked in 15 on my fit! I woke up great this morning, had tim's lunch & thermos warming, hot chocolate made so I did it.. turned it on to see how far I could get :) pretty impressive I think!!

APPRECIATE: I definately appreciate that I have the mini-van that I CAN throw the kids in to save them from freezing @ the bus stop. I appreciate that tonight is back to YOGA class :) I appreciate that this house's winter heating bill is less than the old by $500/month!!! :D

plans for today.. eek I gotta get SOMETHING done on tax prep!!! something anything! and tonight I am planning 30 fit & yoga for an hour YAY!!
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