Monday, December 29, 2008

on w/the show!

ok I am getting over the photo loss... more like accepting it I suppose.. the tree is striped of its ornaments, planning to have it completly down soon! the rest of the decorations will be packed away to be hauled back to the garage by the end of the weekend too! ready to roll into the new year w/o all the packing to do. :) need to catch up on my December Daily book soon ..

planning to visit MIL tonight & get her photos on my computer, darts tomorrow night, NYE celebrating of some kind Wed, recovery Thursday (or hair of the dog party @ Janes) & I would like to shop around our local square that I never take time to do. there are several new shops & such I would really like to visit. sometime over the long weekend we'd like tohang sheetrock over the new insulation in the basement too.

we have hit the ground running this morning.. so far I have 8 kiddos & should only get one more. nice for a Monday! :)
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