Tuesday, December 30, 2008

much of nothing

*Tim is sick :( fighting the flu we think- but he made himself go to work today-last night was not cool
*I did a little grocery stocking up on last night :) love that feeling!!
*we had mcdonalds for supper! I splurged & had a Mac.. wow its been a long time LOL
*I worked a bit in my December Daily. wow it was not a daily thing for me :( maybe next year I'll consider it a weekly instead
*disgustingly addicted to Momma's boys!!! what a sad show & I am even sadder to be watching
*only 4 littles so far today! rock on!
*was hard to get up & go today but I did it.. only one more day this week
*NYE party @ Katie & Tommy's! WHOHOOOOOOOOO making+taking my bread dip yumm
*the christmas sweets are almost gone YAY!
*I skipped Wii Fit last night :( but my calves are still screaming LOL
*ready for spring temps!
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